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An Unexpected Blessing

By Leta Van Brussel

I like to spend a few minutes each morning, and throughout the day, thanking Ad-nai for His love and goodness shown in my life - the beauties of nature, the gift of my life, and His many blessings along the way. I also ask for His guidance, that I may honor Him in everything I do.

Sometimes He has something He wants me to know - perhaps an understanding or making clear to a question I have been pondering, or guidance for a project I am working on. I will suddenly feel He is calling me to find a quiet place to sit, close my eyes, and spend a few minutes with Him.

Several years ago, when I was “out and about” one morning doing my daily chores, I had gone to the grocery store and needed to stop at another store before returning home. On the way from the grocery store, I had to pass my house to get to the other store.

As I approached the road leading to my house, I was suddenly enveloped by a strong energy trying to pull me to turn onto the road to my house. I know I could fight the magnetic-like energy field, as I had “free will,” and pass by my house and go on to the other store as I had planned. But I knew it was the Spirit of G-d letting me know I was to take a few minutes of quiet time with Him from my busy day.

So I turned down the road to my house. I had barely gotten inside when the front door bell rang. I went to see who was there. There was a man standing there with hedge trimmers in his hand. He asked me, “Would you like for me to trim your shrubs?” I said, “ I know they need trimming, but I cannot offer to pay you right now.” He said, “I have seen you working in your yard when I pass by. I am a Christian and I believe in helping others because of my love for G-d. I will not charge you any pay.”

So I let him trim them for me, and thanked him. I thanked my heavenly Father for calling me to come receive the blessing He provided for me!

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