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Experiencing His Presence

By Leta Van Brussel

I cannot scientifically explain what I am about to tell you - I can only tell you what I’ve experienced.

While I was eating supper, a friend came and sat down with me. She took my hand and began to tell me about an accident she had that caused her a shoulder injury. She had been to the doctor, and he told her that he could not repair the tear in her shoulder because it was too severe - that it would heal itself as best as nature can do, but she would have limited use of her shoulder thereafter.

She asked me to pray for her. I said I would be happy to when I finish eating. We were still holding hands. Suddenly, I felt G-D’s healing energy begin to flow from my hand to her hand. I dropped the fork I was eating with and began to pray. She began to pray in “tongues.” And we were surrounded by a bubble of energy that I could physically feel - “His Presence!” I was blessed to experience His Presence! This is the most awesome thing I have ever experienced!

Her shoulder was healed over the next few weeks, and she regained use of it.

Ad-nai is with us all the time. We just have to accept Him into our lives, love Him as our father — Creator, trust in His love for us, His provision for us and follow His ways — His commandments. Make Him the first and most important part of our lives.

From this, I have learned that G-D heals according to His will. He chooses “who” He wants to heal, and “when.” It is in His timing, not ours.

Abba, Father, I thank You for Your gift of life to me, for my awareness that I am able to know you, feel Your presence and experience Your glory.

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