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Finding the Meaning of Life

By Leta Van Brussel

I write not from the Bible or from a particular religion, but rather from my heart and from my own personal experiences. I came not from religion, but as a wanderer in the wilderness of worldly pleasures and false teachings, having found G-D - the whole meaning of life - on my own.

I came to understand the mystery of it all when it was revealed to me through feeling His power in my healing. Through my recognition of Him as the source, through my awe and my being drawn to know Him better, a relationship grew through trust in Him, who is greater than I, in having healed me.

I called Him “The Spirit of the Universe” and saw Him as “good,” as everything is orderly in His creation. From there love developed for this wonderful, powerful, unseen being who created and controls the universe according to His will.

Me, being one of His creations, I considered Him my Father. I desired to follow the path He designed for me and desired to honor Him in everything I do. Because I now knew my true origin and purpose, I surrendered to His will. That in itself was a profound spiritual experience for which I do not have words to explain, but it totally changed my life forevermore.

He became “my All,” my every purpose for existing, my daily consultant, guide, provider, and protector. I praise Him and thank Him many times daily - I am His and He is mine - He is my G-D.

Thank You, Ad-nai, my “Spirit of the Universe,” for giving me life and letting me know You.

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