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Following G-D’s Word

By Leta Van Brussel

Messianic Judaism follows G-D’s Word as given in the Bible. We study and live according to the whole Bible - Old and New Testament. Yeshua (Jesus) didn’t just show up out of nowhere! His arrival had a history of G-D’s promises to all of us. We study that history and follow His teachings.

Our worship service on Shabbat (Saturday) follows a Jewish format. We worship by singing songs of praise and thanks to AD-NAI and Yeshua. The liturgy is in Hebrew and English and is readings from both the Old Testament of the Bible (from the TORAH scrolls) and the prophets, and from the New Testament of the Bible. The “message” (sermon) is about how to live our lives according to G-D’s commandments.

We celebrate all of the Holy Days (G-D’s Festivals) Passover etc. of the Old Testament. We keep the Sabbath (Saturday) as our holy 7th day of the week. We eat according to G-D’s Kosher laws. After repenting of our sins and asking G-D’s forgiveness, we immerse in water as a physical sign of our purification, knowing that Yeshua redeemed us through His sacrifice on the cross. We follow G-D’s commandments as given to Moses, and of Yeshua living His life according to them as our example of how we are to live.

Half of our membership comes from a Jewish background, and half from a Chirstian background, and an occasional Pagan or Muslim who has found “G-D’s way.” All of us want to follow all of G-D’s teachings - the whole Bible.

Do we do animal sacrifices as in the Old Testament? No! That ended when the Roman Empire destroyed the temple and Jerusalem in 70 BCE, killed all of G-D’s chosen priesthood, and took the Jews captive to Rome as slaves, the followers of Yeshua along with them.

It’s all about following the Bible as being G-D’s Word, unchanged by man. I feel G-D led me here through my long journey, as this is the path He wants me to walk to honor Him. I feel I have come home to Him.

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