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G-D Shows His Glory

By Leta Van Brussel

Last year I told my doctor that over the previous number of months I had noticed that my navel was gradually moving to the left side of my abdomen! I wondered if I had a tumor. He felt my stomach and said, “There is nothing there that shouldn’t be.” Then he told me to turn around and pull up my shirt so he could see my back, and he said, “Just as I thought, your spine is curved like a letter S.” He told me I had scoliosis. I asked him, “What can we do about it?” He said that because of my age I have degenerative arthritis of the spine and there is nothing we can do - that it will only get worse.

So, I went home and prayed for healing. I felt G-D’s healing energy go through the middle part of my body like ripples on a lake. Over the next couple of months, my navel returned to the center of my abdomen and my spine straightened! I could now stand and sit up straight!

Last week, when I saw my doctor again, I said, “Remember when you told me last year that I had scoliosis?” He said, “Yes.” So I raised up my shirt and showed him my abdomen and navel. His eyes got big and his mouth dropped open! I turned around and showed him my back and then he asked in a surprised tone, “What did you do? I have never seen anything like that!” I said, “I prayed and G-D healed me.” He said, “You must be a very good person!” I said, “No, I am just an ordinary person, but have found favor in G-D’s eyes.”

Every morning I thank G-D for His many blessings in my life and I ask Him for His guidance for my day. Thank you Ad-nai!

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