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He Captured My Spirit

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

By Leta Van Brussel

While I was praying, I asked Ad-nai, “How can I explain to others how they can have a personal relationship with You ?” And Your Holy Spirit began to put the words in my mind. So I ran and got paper and pen and began to write as You gave the words to me.

How did I come to know You, my G-D? How did I come to be chosen to bring others to You? Because I have always loved philosophy and began to explore the beauty of Your creation in nature, I contemplate how it all came to be.

What creative power brought all this into being? Surely I did not, nor could man have created the whole universe. I began to meditate upon it and to see the Creator of it all.

I called You “The Spirit of the Universe,” and realized You are good, as everything in nature is orderly and works together in harmony. So I began to love You, and to thank You for all the beauty, and for my life that I may enjoy Your creation.

I wanted to know You more, so I asked You to “fill me with Your Spirit.” And Your Spirit enveloped me and filled me - I could physically feel it as an energy like electricity going into me, but it didn’t burn.

Then Your blessings began to flow to me - You sometimes guided me to them through Your energy which I literally felt pulling me where you wanted me to go. Other times it was through Your unrelenting awareness in my mind that I was to do a certain thing. And occasionally it was through actual words of Your’s spoken into my mind.

Then I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I loved You as the “All” of existence, and trusted in You completely. I asked You to send Your healing energy to me, and I physically felt a bolt of Your energy hit that cancer spot on my breast and I was healed.

Several months later I surrendered my will to Your will and asked that I may walk the path You had designed for me. You had become my G-D!

One evening a few months later You spoke words into my mind calling me to Your service, I said, “Yes.”

In 2015, You led me to Brit Ahm letting me know this is where You wanted me to be. Here I learned Your name is “Ad-nai” (Hebrew for L-RD), and I began reading Your Bible and am now studying scriptures.

In the morning, I thank You for all Your blessings and ask for Your guidance for my day. In the evening when I go to bed, I pray as I go to sleep. You are my rock and my shield, my strength in time of adversity. You are my life, my joy and my peace.

Thank You, Ad-nai, for letting me know You. It is the great greatest gift I have ever received.

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