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Know that You are Not Alone

By Leta Van Brussel

G-D is not a separate being sitting in some far corner of the sky called “Heaven.”  Rather He is very much part of you - His Spirit of Life living within you. Your body is a physical temple of His Holy Spirit - so you and He are connected, never to be separated, even after death.

He created you, along with all the universe - He is your Father. He knows your every thought, your every need. Everything in His creation - the universe - has a purpose. He has created you also for a purpose in His great plan. And He loves you as He loves all of His creation.

He made you a thinking being - in His image - He desires to have a personal relationship with you and with each of us. Everything He created has a special purpose - even us. He designed a path for each of us to walk, that we may know Him as our Father, do His will - His special purpose for which He designed each of us, receive His blessings, and enjoy eternal life with Him.

He is all knowing - seeing the “whole picture” past, present and future. We “see” only what is right in front of us. Therefore, we can say, “Thy will be done, not mine,” trusting in Him who loves us and sees and knows all, asking Him to show us the path He designed for us, that we may honor Him, our good and loving Father.

We can communicate with Him any time and any place. We may be because His Spirit lives within us from conception. We need only to acknowledge His presence, ask His guidance in our lives and thank Him for His many blessings, and try to live according to His plan - His commandments. He is with us always, waiting to welcome us home someday.

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