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Let's Pray for Faith to Increase

By Robin Harris

In an article written in a well-known Israeli magazine, it stated that some political leaders and individuals in Israel have lost faith that victory is imminent. Even though Israel is regarded as a regional superpower with the most advanced weapons in the world at its disposal, their faith has dissipated to the point where many do not know if they can defeat the Hamas at Gaza.

We can all point to times in our lives where our faith was at its minimum. In these times, maybe it was a family situation or a health problem that caused us to take our eyes off of God and direct our attention to the situation.

Like Israel, we may feel that the situation is so great that we do not see ourselves as victorious or conquerors. We feel like the enemy is laughing at us. The enemy is proclaiming victory over us.

But Scripture says something different. It proclaims that “we can do all things” and “we are more than conquerors.” We receive our victory when we shift our eyes back to the Creator, Our Father. He gives us the strength to believe in ourselves which in turn our faith increases in the Father. We have faith to know the victory He has for us. It is through prayer and worship that victory is received.

When we see others struggling with victory, let us stand in the gap for them. Let us pray and proclaim by faith the victory that the Creator has promised.  Let us pray that faith in God’s Word will be proclaimed in Israel. Once again, Israel will have the faith to believe that the enemy is defeated. They have the victory.

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