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Living Your Life in G-D’s Presence!

By Leta Van Brussel

I saw a need in the world for a greater understanding and appreciation of G-D, so I prayed, “How can I address this need?,” and the words came to me from the Holy Spirit and I began writing them down.

Many people come to G-D with a long list of wants and needs and offer nothing in return. They rarely thank Him for His many blessings. They give no thought to honoring Him in the way they live or serving Him in bringing His Word to others, His greatest desire that may all live according to His plan.

They are too busy with “their” lives to set aside any time to spend with our Father, just telling Him how much they love Him and asking Him, “What is His will for their daily lives?” And it is too easy to cast Him aside when they feel their prayers aren’t answered, deciding to “make their own life” without Him.

He is the creator of the universe and our creator. Therefore, He is “King of the Universe” and is our King. Everything He created is good.

Unlike our President, whom we choose and can impeach if we become unhappy with his actions, G-D is our King, sovereign by His own right as the “Creator” of the universe, as our “Creator,” as “all of existence.” Whether or not we care to acknowledge His existence, His Spirit is within us and all around us.

G-D had a good plan for the human race. He wanted us to be holy — following His commandments and loving one another — so that we could enjoy a personal relationship with Him. When we do not live according to G-D’s plan, His commandments, that is sin or evil. We become malfunctions in His overall plan and begin to clash with its other parts. That is curses which we bring upon ourselves.

Because He is our Creator, our good and loving Father, we owe Him respect and thanks. We owe Him our service. Just as when you design, create or build something, you want it to do well and you want to protect it from damage or destruction. So, too, this is the way G-D feels for us, His creation.

So, it is wise to ask for His guidance in our own daily lives, because He is “all-knowing” - past, present, and future and He sees things ahead that we cannot see. He is good and loves us. He will not lead us astray. When we follow His ways, and ask His guidance, and thank Him for his many blessings, He faithfully protects us and provides for all our needs.

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