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Righteousness Blessed

By Leta Van Brussel

Several years ago, I was working as a cashier in a grocery store where the store manager and his assistant manager treated all of us, employees, with disrespect and severely punished us in endless fault finding. Each day when I went to work, I did my best but didn’t know if I would still have my job by day’s end.

One day an attractive woman came in to shop. I saw her speaking with the store manager, then she filled three grocery carts with baby diapers, paper towels, and cleaning products. She came to my cash register to check out.

The store manager came over to bag her groceries for me. He never bagged groceries for any of us cashiers, so I was surprised at his appearance. I began to ring up her baby diapers and cleaning products and she handed me a big stack of coupons for “tooth whitener.” I nicely told her that I could not take those coupons as she had not bought “tooth whitener.” The store manager insisted I subtracted the value from $1,129 to zero! He and his assistant manager took her groceries out for her and I saw them load the items into his car and the assistant manager’s car, as well as her car.

When he came back into the store, I told him, “I cannot do that again - it's immoral as it is cheating the issuer of the coupons.” He said, “It was alright, so many coupons are sent in nationwide, the issuer won’t notice!” I said, “I won’t do that; it's wrong!” He said, “You will, or you won’t have a job here any longer. You can either quit right now, or we are firing you.”

So I said, “I no longer work for you,” and I walked out onto the street - no job and bills coming in. But I felt great relief knowing I was following G-D’s commandments, and I was out from under the oppression at the store. I went home, changed clothes, and went out looking for another job. I looked every day for two weeks, but no one was hiring right then. I prayed for G-D’s help to find a job.

One day I went to Walmart to get only what I needed. As I pulled into the parking lot, a strong feeling came over me that I should ask for a job here. I told myself, “No, I had heard Walmart treats their employees badly.” But the feeling of the “Spirit” was unrelenting that I should go in and inquire.

So I went in and asked to see the manager. An assistant manager was standing right there. I said, “I am looking for a job.” And she said, “Cashier?” I said, “Yes.” She recognized me and said, “Many of our customers have been asking where you are working now. They miss you.” She grabbed my hand and took me to the personnel office and told them to hire me! She wasn’t going to let me get away!

This turned out to be my best job ever! We were treated with respect and took care of our needs. I was very happy working there till I retired from the working world. Thank you, Ad-nai, for looking after me and for providing for me in my time of need.

So, I was saved from the curse of being enslaved in an evil environment by a tyrant of a boss and received the blessing of a good job instead.

G-D, being “all-knowing,” knew I was looking for a community with whom to worship Him. I believe he led me to Walmart knowing I would meet Abigail, whom I haven't yet known, and that she would bring me to Brit Ahm, which I had never before heard of. All so that I could be in a place where He wants me to worship Him, serve Him, and learn His ways. If we listen to His voice and follow His lead, He has wonderful blessings for us.

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