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The Spirit Within

By Leta Van Brussel

Man cannot create life. He can multiply life through procreation, through the division of cells in a lab, or by cloning plants and animals, but he cannot “create” life.

G-D is life. It is His Spirit within us and within all living things that causes life. It is His Spirit  that brings about healing - physical and spiritual. It is His Spirit within the universe that makes the oceans roar, the wind blow, and the fire to transform wood to smoke and ash. It is His Spirit that gives us awareness and inspiration. It is His Spirit that causes us joy and peace.

Your body and it’s physical features, your mind and it’s survival instinct and your talents are composed of the minerals of the earth, passed to you through your parents at conception.

But the life within that fertilized egg in your mother’s womb is the Spirit of G-D, our Creator and loving Father. This Spirit of G-D within you contains knowledge of His existence and knowledge of good - of order, how to live according to His plan that we may do well, be joyful, and live in peace. The Spirit of G-D within us is what makes us “in the image and likeness” of G-D.

The body and mind are good. Everything G-D created is good. We should keep our body clean and healthy, as it is the temple of G-D’s Spirit. Our body and our life are a gift from G-D that we may dwell with Him in His creation and into eternity.

It is only when we let our survival instinct get out of control and become greedy for more than we need, desiring also what our neighbor has, that we cease “walking in the Spirit,” and begin to run into problems - physical and mental. Then the feeling of peace and joy leave us.

Establish a personal relationship with your Creator while here on earth. Ask for His guidance that you may walk in the path that He has designed for you, that you may receive His blessings and continue to enjoy life with Him into eternity.

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