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To Whom Do You Belong?

By Leta Van Brussel

To whom do you belong?

You may say, “To my husband,” or “to my wife.” 

Or you may say, “I belong to my parents.”

Or perhaps, “To my workplace or my country.”

Many say they belong to themselves!

They do as they please.

As God is our Creator and He is the One who gave us life, He owns us. We belong to Him! We get our physical features from our biological parents, but our Creator’s Spirit resides within us. He is our Good Shepherd, and He desires to lead us down the path He has designed for each of us.

Life is a journey of finding our way back to Him. We were given intelligence - the ability to reason and choose - so we could know God, our loving Father, and so we could make good choices in living our lives according to His plans for us, as He wants us to spend eternity with Him.

The world holds many temptations for us to stray from the path God designed for us. If one does not know God and have a loving father-child, personal relationship with Him, just being told, “God gave these commandments” means nothing, and the person prefers to go his own way.

Most agree that drunkenness, drugs, theft, and murder are things that cause problems in our society. But many have come to accept sexual immorality as alright, even demonstrating publicly and fighting for their right to indulge in it.

To have a personal relationship with your Creator, you can’t just sit in a church pew for an hour on Sunday, then go back to your worldly way of life, accepting the sins I just mentioned as your lifestyle. Rather, you must accept God as your loving Father, deeply love Him in return, therefore surrendering your life to His will for you, which includes following all of His commandments, as He knows and wants what is best for us.

When you surrender your life to God, His Holy Spirit of love and knowledge fills you, and you no longer desire to sin. You only want to ask Him for His guidance daily and to thank Him for His many blessings, which He will give to you. You cannot imagine the bountiful blessings you will receive: peace, joy, healing (spiritual and physical), knowledge and understanding, provision of something you need, etc.

God’s Spirit of Life exists in the woman’s egg and the man’s sperm, as in all living things. When this sperm enters into the egg, a new life begins, separate from the mother’s life. He gave the gift of life to that baby in her womb, that he may grow to know God, love Him, and follow His path He designed for him. That he may enjoy God’s creation - see the sun rise and set, hear the birds sing, smell the fragrance of flowers, enjoy good food, companionship, and use the talents God has given him.

If you murder this baby within you, you desecrate your body, which is a temple of God’s Holy Spirit, and you destroy God’s plan for him.

A woman has a “right to her own body,” the temple of God’s Holy Spirit. She has the “right of choice” to keep it clean and healthy. She has the “right to say ‘no’ until marriage,” and a “right of respect” for her choices.

Immorality desecrates your temple, whether it be the way you dress, your thoughts, your speech, or your actions. Do you think His Holy Spirit will want to dwell in a desecrated temple? You will lose His guidance and His blessings because you will be out of relationship with Him.

God didn’t make you with homosexual desires. Your physical genetic code, your DNA did that! His Spirit of Life resides within you. Your body is sacred to God, a temple of His Holy Spirit. To use your body, which He intended for the procreation of life, in an unclean way with another person of the same sex is an abomination (disgusting) to Him. It is a defiance of His plan for procreation and it is to deviate from the path He designed for us to walk. But repentance and abstinence would bring you into a good relationship with Him, win His favor and blessings, and His Holy Spirit of love and knowledge would come dwell within you.

Our Father is a good Shepherd. He knows His sheep and His sheep know Him, following in the path He leads them. However, some choose to go their own way, leaving the fold and wandering into the briars of conforming to the sinful ways of the world. They know better, but prefer to follow the alternate paths that look enticing, the paths many others are following.

When it is time to cross over into eternity, will our Good Shepherd, our Creator, God, say to you, “Welcome home, My obedient child who stayed in the fold and followed Me where I led you, loved Me, asked Me daily for guidance, followed My ways and thanked Me for My blessings?”

Or will He say, “I don’t know you. You are not one of My flock, I am not your Shepherd. I wanted to have a loving father-child relationship with you. I wanted you to follow Me. But you ignored Me and wanted to go your own way, to follow a strange shepherd of worldly ways, spending your time on meaningless entertainment and pleasures of the flock. You had no time for Me. Go away from Me?”

He is your Shepherd. You belong to Him.

Which shepherd do you choose to follow?

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