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What If?

By Leta Van Brussel

How different our history would be if we lived according to G-D’s order for the universe from creation time. The planets, the ocean tides, the winds all follow His orderly plan. So do the plants and animals. Only humans, with our free will, become greedy and power-hungry, therefore breaking His orderly plan for us to love one another, live in peaceful communities and take good care of His planet earth.

If we had all loved and helped one another, G-D would not have caused the great flood in Noah’s day, nor needed to speak through Moses at Mt. Sinai. The Egyptians would have helped the Israelites return and rebuild after the famine. Babylon would not have destroyed the Israelite’s temple and taken the people as slaves. The Greeks would not have over run Israel and desecrated the second temple. Yeshua (Jesus) would not have needed to further teach us and to suffer and die in atonement for our sins. And the Romans would not have destroyed the temple and dispersed the Jews.

There would not have been wars between nations on any of the continents. There would have been no holocaust, no constant threat of nuclear annihilation if only we loved and helped one another. We would have all lived together in peace and in G-D’s blessings!

We would only be celebrating Shavuot (Pentecost - giving of the Holy Spirit) and Sukkot (fall harvest festival). Pesach (Passover) would not have happened, nor would we need Yom Teruah nor Yom Kippur (Lent for you Christians) as there would have been no sin! We would rather be sharing and thanking G-D for His many blessings.

There is always the option to get back into His plan. The rewards would be great!

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