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Who do You Worship?

By Leta Van Brussel

Why would anyone worship the sun or the moon? They are only planets. Why would anyone worship the elements - fire, air, water, and earth (minerals)? They are only G-D’s creation. They may “only represent,” but they are not actually the creative power, knowledge, and love. Our bodies are only made of the minerals.

Why would anyone worship idols (statues)? They only “represent” some of the attributes of G-D, mixed with human characteristics of good and evil, and are made in human or animal form. They are inert, empty and useless when prayed to for favors.

I know because I have been there. From praying to Mary and the saints, humans, as a child, it was an easy transition to a Pagan-Nature religion on my journey to find G-D.

Did the sun or the moon create the universe? Did the elements create it and create themselves too? Did any of the Pagan gods or goddesses create the universe and create you and give you life? Beware of the spirits you may call upon through the occult on the use of crystals.

After my journey of exploring all this, much analysis and logical thinking and the grace of G-D, I realized there is only one true G-D, Who always was, Who is, and Who always will be. He created the universe and gave us life. He is our Father and He loves us, as He loves all of His creation, and He blesses us with favor, joy, and peace when we follow the path He designed for us. He is the One Who gave us a path to walk (His commandments) that we may honor Him, our Father and live in peace with one another.

The manifestation of G-D’s creative power as the burning bush when He first spoke to Moses, and as the pillar of fire as He led the Israelites across the desert, showed them “the way” to know Him and to honor him.

The Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) is the manifestation of the knowledge of G-D within us, to show us “the way.”

I see Yeshua (Jesus) as the manifestation of G-D’s love, also to show us “the way” and to redeem us. Only a perfect human, not a perfect animal as in the temple sacrifices could redeem us. None of us qualify, as we are not perfect (sinless). Only G-D, Who is perfect, could do that for us, manifested as Yeshua, a perfect and sinless human.

All One G-D! Just different facets of His personality — different functions — as I have been a gardener, a scuba diver, and a breeder of show cats all at one time, but I am one person. So is G-D, One G-D, not three separate persons, not many - One G-D.

As for me, I pray only to AD-NAI, the One, complete, G-D. Praise to AD-NAI!

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