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Why is G-D Not Part of Our Lives?

By Leta Van Brussel

So many people are wandering around out there, having lost their way and not even realized it! So many more not even knowing there is “A Way,” that there is greater meaning to life than what the eye can see.

The one thing an atheist cannot explain is how the universe “just happened.” That belief of theirs in itself contradicts modern science. According to science, “things don’t just happen.” They have a cause. How far back do we have to go to find “the cause of the cause, of the cause?” It can only lead us to one “eternal being” who “always was, and is, and will always be.”

Of those who say they believe in G-D, many don’t know “what” they believe about G-D, or “why” they believe in Him. I have had friends who told me their parents were Christians or Jewish, or whatever and they were raised in the “tradition” of that religion so they feel “that is what they are.” But many of them could not tell me “what” they believe, or “why” they believe it. They just go to church or synagogue “because that is how they were raised” - it’s their family culture. And they live their lives in all the worldly ways, never thinking of G-D the rest of the week. He has no “real meaning” for them. The Bible was “just a story” from ancient times - not relevant to their own life now.

Some have had too much religion forced on them as children, they rebelled, and now they don’t want it anymore.

Unlike our ancestors who spent their days outdoors hunting, fishing, herding animals or harvesting crops, immersed in G-D’s creation, having time to “wonder at it all” and to contemplate “how it all came about,” we now-a-days have too many distractions to keep our minds occupied - entertainment on TV, cell phones, computer games, leaving us no time to “think” in the intangible and to reason. We have become too comfortable in our indoor environment with all of our gadgets, feeling we have everything we need, that we don’t realize we need G-D.

Maybe we need a “wake up call” - a miracle that cannot be denied, even though it contradicts physical science. G-D created the physical universe, so as its creator, He can “adjust” or “tweak” His design or it’s physical laws as He desires - that is what a miracle is! Will this help them “see,” as evidence of His existence, as I “saw” and came to believe?

The Israelites saw the parting of the Red Sea and the manifestation of G-D as a pillar of fire leading them through the desert. They heard with their ears, His voice at Mt. Sinai, yet they fell back to their pagan ways, denying the one true G-D, when they made the golden calf to worship instead. They went back to their sinful ways. Sometimes even those who “see” lose their way, as the Israelites did.

G-D gave some of the Promised Land back to them in 1948. Then He gave them more of the Land in the 1967 war when their neighbors attacked them, and He worked miracles of conquest and of protection for them. But they still did not trust Him! They gave back to their enemies some of the land G-D won for them, out of fear of their enemies and lack of trust in G-D! What an insult to G-D - it was like saying, “We don’t want your gift enough to love and trust and obey You!” They went back to their sinful ways.

Now the Israelites live in fear of their enemies, trying to hang onto the little bit of the Promised Land they have left. The nations have done no better. We build bigger and better weapons to fight and kill one another, rather than obeying G-D’s laws so that we can live together in peace. And we build a wall to keep the enemy out!

We can show others by our example of how we live our lives, take them to church or synagogue, or read the Bible to them - but it often doesn’t “take.” They are already convinced that we are “strange,” not having assimilated into the ways of the world, or that the Bible is just an “illogical story” of something that happened thousands of years ago before people understood modern science. And they don’t want to change their pleasurable sinful ways of the world we live in.

I have come to the conclusion that we need to pray that G-D, through His Holy Spirit, will “show” Himself to everyone, as He did me, that they might come to know Him, love Him, and follow His ways and receive His blessings.

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